Spedition services, fuel systems repairments

Transport and shipping services

We offering comprehensive transport and shipping services on domestic and and international range. Our experience gives us opportunity to provide transport and shipping services for the most demanding customers.
We dispose:
- transport units for capacity 0,3 to 24 t
- technical event necessary to provide transport services,
- two-shifted dispatchers working time,
- optimal location of transport and shipping base.

Business areas:
- Transport and shipping services
- "Warehouse-on-wheels"
- Specialist transport services

Our customers are the leading automotive sector producers. Because of sector requirements and high ratings of our shipping services we already knows, how important for our customers is to be always on time according to transport services and we are aware how important is to be reliable.
We can guarantee high quality and smooth service of every customer.

Injection pumps repair

Our workshop provide set-up and services for injection pumps and injectors for DIESEL engines.
We have collected necessary experience of handling diesel engines on our own truck fleet. Due to knowledge, experience and dedicated devices for injection pumps services we are able to offer services also for external customers.
According to fuel systems repair we can offer high quality of repairments of DIESEL fuel systems together with good price.

Company's history

We are private transport and shipping company present on market since 1989. We owned transport base in Czechowice-Dziedzice on area of 6 802 m2, include 1800 m2 occupied by buildings. Aspiration to fulfil customer requirements according to transport service we have successfully implemented Quality Management System according to ISO 9001. System scope: shipping and transport services and repair of DIESEL fuel systems. Practical usage of QMS system is ensured by certificate.